No prior knowledge of rocketry is required.

An enthusiasm for science and space exploration is highly recommended.


Introduction to Rocketry by SpaceInfo Club

Let us introduce you to Rocketry

Explore the fascinating world of rocketry in this comprehensive introductory course. From the early days of rocket development to cutting-edge space exploration, you will gain a deep understanding of the history, technology, physics, and practical applications of rockets. Whether you're an aspiring aerospace engineer, a space enthusiast, or simply curious about the science behind space travel, this course will ignite your passion for rocketry.

A bit of History

We will introduce you to modern rocketry without leaving out how everything started. Don't worry, this is not an history class: we will focus on present days and the state of the art!

Types of Rockets and Propellants

Comparison between different technologies: from the most used up to the forefront of modern technology. We will delve into chemical propulsion and different types of this with examples.

How do Rockets Fly?

A glimpse into physics from the very basics up to applying this to rockets. The easiest way someone will ever talk to you about rocket science!

Course Curriculum

  Section 1 - Introduction to Rocketry
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  Section 2 - Types of Rockets and Propellants
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  Section 3 - How do they Fly?
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  Section 4: Rocket Engine - How It's Made
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  Section 5: Bonus
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  Section 6 Final
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How are Rockets made?

We are all used to look at the Space Shuttle lifting off from Cape Canaveral in the old glorious days... How many times have you seen the majestic Falcon 9 detaching from the ground and those boosters landing back on Earth?

From the outside they are really amazing, but... even more from the inside!

You will discover the main elements that make up a real rocket!

More Features

Who doesn't love bonuses?
We love them, so we prepared a bonus lesson just for you, you'll find it at the end of the course.

Are you the kind of person who is brushing teeth, while dressing up, while washing your face, while talking on the phone, while... you got it! If you are a very busy person, we thought about you: all the lessons can be easily listened.

So what's your excuse now?